D.O.T.® Fine Fescue Blend


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Low maintenance

Cold weather tolerant

Grows in sun or shade

Good weed suppression


D.O.T.® is a low-profile turf grass blend developed for low maintenance applications, soil erosion and weed control.

D.O.T.® combines the strength of hard fescue, chewings fescue, and creeping fescue to produce a turf seed mixture ideally suited for sites requiring an attractive, high quality, minimal maintenance grass cover.

D.O.T.® performs very well in low fertility situations, and provides excellent cover in both open and shaded areas. It is also widely adaptable in that it is not only resistant to droughty situations and hot weather stress, it also offers the cold weather tolerance required for northern zones of the country.

D.O.T.® helps prevent soil erosion, suppresses broad-leaf weeds, and reduces the need for mowing and herbicides. It is ideal for roadsides, parks, campsites, and many municipal, industrial, commercial and residential uses where infrequent mowing is done. It is also ideal for vineyards, nurseries and orchards, and performs well in home lawns.