Overtime® Tall Fescue Blend


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Less water

Less mowing

Less fertilizer

Deep root system


Overtime® Improved Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend is designed for those who would rather play than work! Due to its deep root system, Overtime® lets you water longer and less frequently once established. When maintained at a recommended height of 2-3 inches, roots will grow even deeper, allowing the plants to naturally access more water and nutrients without excessive watering.

Overtime® requires less fertilization than many grasses including bluegrass and ryegrass due to its deep roots. To maintain a dark green, healthy lawn, apply 2-4 lbs of nitrogen per year/per 1000 sq ft in the spring and late fall.

Overtime® requires less mowing because it grows slower, yet tillers aggressively. With proper care, Overtime® will develop into a healthy, dense, slow-growing lawn. For optimal growing performance, maintain a cut height of 2-3 inches.